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15 Simple Revelations for the Millennial Wife - $9.99

As a new and excited young bride, I envisioned a relationship made strong by its foundation of oneness and love. But after the first few blissful years, I was surprised to learn that marriage can also bring with it frustration and pain. With honesty and transparency, 15 Simple Revelations for the Millennial Wife will show you how God restored my heart and mind so I could have a thriving, God-honoring marriage.

It's no secret that marriage isn't all joy, all the time. But when bad times happen, couples often start to ask questions. Will my marriage ever get better? Is love for me? What is wrong with me? What if we fail? For the answers to these questions, one must surrender to God. He will heal tender wounds, break down unforgiving walls, and breathe restoration into marriage. For me there is no question that God answered that prayer and took my marriage through the redemptive process with His love and grace.

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